Wednesday, July 2, 2014

5-A-1 Flickr Possibilities

Isn't this a great picture I found at Flickr? It shows the the evolution of technology. The left side is the old technology and the right is the new. I thought it would be a very good topic starter for my OAT 121 Intro to Office Support Class.

I am going to use it to show my what people thought was technology in the past and what has become what we call "legacy" technology today.

I think I might try the annotation feature to add some notes to each of the sections or maybe links to my blog with more information. Then I will have the students create a similar photo of what was new technology in their lives and post it on their blog with a comment on how fast technology is changing our lives.

Here is a great web site I found" This site will help you cite your Flickr images--just copy and paste the URL in and it will give you the rest!

Image Citation:
CC. (2006, November, 25). ilovebutter, Technology Then and Now. Retrieved July 2, 2014, from:

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