Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lutz 8-A-1

Web Applications

I explored the Zoho site for this activity. Wow! I think this will be great for two of my classes. It will definitely benefit the visual learners in the group as they can upload notes, pictures, videos, sound, etc.

I liked the video explanation of how I could have my class create a zoho page and send me their link so that I could put all of the class in one place. They could then upload assignments to this and share with the class.
Some of the things that I will have them upload are:

  • A brief summary of what you learned the first week of class and how learning could be made easier in this class.
  • A picture of you in order to learn class names.
  • Thoughts on Chapter 1 and 5 ways in which you used a computer today.
  • Post a picture and letter about your dream computer.
  • Create 4 questions for our class Internet Scavenger Hunt and post to your zoho.
  • Find a video on cloud technology to post.
  • Write 5 review questions from Chapter 5.
  • Post your notes from Chapter 6. (I will let them use this to take the quiz).

Overall, I think Zoho will be a great learning tool for my classroom for all learning styles!

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