Saturday, June 28, 2014

Activity 4-D-1
Wikis in Your Classroom

While surfing through the education wiki sites, I found a great wiki by “Bud the Teacher”. It has some wonderful resources on it including sample acceptable use policies, resources for teaching blogging and wikis, and a collection of audio resources. You can see it here: 
Bud the Teacher Blog

I liked creating the wiki as a group project. I guess the most challenging part of it was not getting there until late in the week. My partners did a great job of setting it up. I was able to go in and add my topics and graphics and format it.

From the group project I learned that this is a very valuable collaboration tool. I will try to use this technology in my classes to get students working together on projects. They always complain that their group cannot get together outside of class—with this they can work remotely.

My opinion of Wikipedia has not changed this week. I have my students do a fairly large project on Wikipedia. Here is our link on Wikipedia: Southwestern Illinois College. I have them look at our school’s Wikipedia page to find:
  • what date it was started
  • who started it
  • when it was last edited
  • what changes they would make
  • what errors does it contain, if any

I haven’t had any resistance to using wikis. Since I am at the college level, my students enjoy this activity. 

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  1. Mary, this sounds like a perfect solution to those students who can't get together for a group project!