Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wow! Another great resource for us this week. I had never used Diigo. In my Intro to Office Support lecture class, I talk about many web pages. Until this point, I would stop talking and make them wait until I typed in the web address. This is going to be great.

In my Diigo site, I created a List for OAT 121 Chapter 1. In that list, I have all of the bookmarks that I will use when talking about Chapter 1. This is going to be so much faster!

My colleague, Tina Dierkes and I are the only two on campus who teach this class. I would like to collaborate with her so we can both add bookmarks for the chapters as we prepare.

I added the Google Chrome extension for Diigo. This made it really easy for me to click the icon and save my links.

Google has been doing a lot lately with signing in. If I am signed in to Google on my phone, tablet, or laptop, all of my links and history show up no matter what device I was researching on. This has saved me lots of time as I work on this class in many places. Bookmarking is becoming more customizable.

My OAT 121 Chapter 1 discusses Technology and Your Career. I have already added the following bookmarks to my Diigo List for this chapter:

  • Our textbook web site
  • The Virtual choir site
  • A Youtube video on Data Mining
  • An interactive body site
  • the Modern Museum of Art
I look forward to continuing to add bookmarks. I will add the Diigo extension on all of my devices!

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