Friday, June 13, 2014

In my student blog searches today, I found some great examples of college students' blogs from Cornell University. I was very impressed with Ian Perry's blog post on going digital. Ian discusses the advantages of "Going Digital" and buying electronic textbooks.

Our dean seems to think e-books will be bad for our community college and that students will try to print out hundreds of pages in our labs. As a tech-lover, I would love to have each of my students buy a Microsoft Surface computer/tablet at the beginning of their college career and have all digital textbooks. I think that students will save enough money on books that the device will eventually pay for itself.

Here is the link to Ian's blog:
You may want to check out his posts. His blog is a great example that I will use in my classroom when my students start creating their own blogs. 

I also commented on Ian's blog to refer him to my blog so he can track my progress in creating my assignment for my students in my OAT 121-Intro to Office Support class. The link to my comments on Ian's blog is:

Thanks to students like Ian, student voices can be heard. I am hoping that the voices of my students will convince my Dean of the benefits of e-books and getting more wi-fi in our building.

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